We are looking for Sponsors. Please contact David Fekke at gmail dot com if you would like help sponsor meetings.

We would like to thank our current sponsors.

  • Spin Spire


    SpinSpire currently hosts our Meetings and also provides food at the meetings.

  • Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean

    If you click through this link, you will get $10 in free credits for Digital Ocean hosting!

  • Interactive Resources

    Interactive Resources

    IR is a recruiting company that pays for our food each month. If you are looking switch jobs or find talent, contact Interactive Resources.

  • The CSI Companies

    The CSI Companies

    Solving Your Toughest IT Challenges. The CSI companies sponsor our BeerJS meetups.

  • Jax Tech Meetups

    Jax Tech Meetups

    A website that lists all of the technical meetups in Jacksonville, Fl.

  • Availity


    Availity sponsors JaxNode by hosting our monthly meetings.

  • pluralsight online training


    Pluralsight offers online interactive technical video training.

  • Electric Imp

    Electric Imp

    The Electric Imp makes a microcontroller board that connects to WiFi.

  • Tessel


    The Tessel is a microcontroller board that connects to WiFi and runs JavaScript and a version of Node.js