Next meeting: Continuous Integration and Delivery for JavaScript Apps using VS Online.

Aug 9, 2018 6:30 PM

Continuous Integration and Delivery for JavaScript Apps using Visual Studio Online. Yes, Visual Studio Online

Did you know that Microsoft has learned how to play nice with others? Visual Studio Code is great but it is just the teaser. Now that you’re hooked let’s deep dive into what the mothership has built for JS developers. Visual Studio Online is a powerful, flexible, inexpensive (free for small teams!) and easy Application Lifecycle Management tool that works great with more than just .Net apps. Want to deploy a Github repo to a Linux host? It can do that. Docker your thing? Then buckle up. Need to integrate and run test builds? Yup. Run a unit test suite? You bet. Manage code with pull requests? Easy-peasy. We will see how to pull, build, test, and deploy a single page Javascript and Node app to multiple environments using Visual Studio Online. It’ll be fast, fun, and really easy.

About Woodie Westbrook: Woodie has been writing applications since the eighties starting out on the venerable Tandy TRS-80. Since then he has worked across many sectors of government and private industry specializing in architecture, web applications, DevOps, and agile development. Currently he is the Director of Application Development at BlueStar Retirement Services. He is a US Army Ranger and Veteran, college drop-out, American Mensa member, a brutal pragmatist with a lack of self-preservation instincts and a propensity for injury. He loves good science fiction, craft beer, and going really fast on anything with two wheels. When not working he enjoys Nerf gun wars with his son, movie night with his wife, long walks with his Doberman, and off-road motorcycle racing.

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